Protecting your voice

voice text

Your voice is physical.  If you work it too hard or use it in an inefficient way, it can go wrong.  Singers like Adele often lose their voice and the Guardian reported some time ago on the reasons  Why singers keep losing their voice and ways to manage it.

The larynx is made up of 27 muscles, cartilages, nerves and mucosa.  Speech-breathing, or singing-breathing patterns need to be efficient. The resonating chambers and filter system of the throat, mouth and nose need to be free to move efficiently to allow for the beauty of the spoken and singing voice to occur

Professional voice users are often asked to do too much with their voice.   If a system has too much to deal with it breaks down.

Here are some simple tips:

  1. Listen to your voice – if it is tired rest it
  2. If you have laryngitis avoid singing until you have recovered
  3. Make sure you are well hydrated as the larynx needs to be well lubricated to work well
  4. Try not to shout or scream excessively or with too much tension
  5. Keep fit and well rested
  6. Avoid singing loudly at a very high pitch
  7. If there is stress or conflict in your life, find ways to resolve this as it may be contributing to your voice problem.
  8. Avoid talking for any length of time against background noise
  9. Find ways to reduce excessive throat clearing or coughing as this may cause injury to the vocal folds (cords)
  10. Finally, work with a speech and language therapist and/or singing teacher to find efficient ways of using your voice for speaking and/or singing.

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