Working with Telehealth

Have you found yourself shouting at your screen during video calls ?

Many of us have now got used to working or socialising using video conferencing tools such as Zoom. Like when using the phone, you may find yourself raising your habitual vocal loudness, or pushing your voice and body more to try to reach out to the person you are conversing with. I’ve done this myself, and I have to remind myself to lower the vocal effort and loudness.

You should also be aware of the way your back and neck are aligned when talking. Make sure your screen is eye height and you are sitting comfortably and not sticking your neck out (like a turtle). Think ‘up’ and let go of any tension you may notice creep into your neck, throat or upper body. Keep you feet on the ground or supported well by a kneeling chair. Try to take regular talking breaks online to rest your voice. You may also find that doing some head and neck stretches and rolling your shoulders around regularly throughout the day will help.

Remember that the voice reflects the equilibrium of your mind and body. If you are noticing vocal strain, discomfort or fatigue, work out what you are doing that is pushing your voice too much and what you can do to rebalance.


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