Speech and Language Therapy Clinic

The clinic provides specialist private therapy for voice, stammering, trans and non-binary voice exploration for vocal feminisation or masculinisation and aphasia. The clinic is based in Hertfordshire (Watford) and Central London (Great Ormond Street Hospital). I also offer virtual video clinics.

Please contact me to discuss your needs and to make an appointment.  I am registered with the main insurance companies.

Voice Therapy  for Children and Adults

Do you need help with how the voice sounds or feels? Do you have difficulties projecting the voice, have pain or discomfort in the throat, vocal fatigue, or do you need rehabilitation for the voice after surgery?  Voice therapy includes a full assessment and varied treatment options for a wide range of voice disorders.  Voice therapy includes physiological exercises, life style changes and emotional support to address the factors affecting the voice.  A diagnosis from an ENT consultant is necessary prior to therapy.  Therapy for children requires the support of family to bring about vocal change.

Voice and communication Therapy for Trans Men and Women and for Non-Binary folk

Find a voice that is authentic for you. Explore your pitch, resonance and intonation and develop your confidence communicating with others in all areas of your life.  You may want to either feminise or masculinise the voice more, of be free to explore the full range of the vocal spectrum.

Stammering Therapy for Adolescents and Adults

Effective treatment to manage your speech and explore how to be a confident communicator using various speech and psychological techniques to address the overt (physical struggle) and covert (hidden emotional) aspects of the stammer.

Speech and Language Therapy Following a Stroke

I can support you to maximise your communication and work with family and friends to support you if you have speech, language or communication difficulties after a stroke.   Therapy includes guided exercises and functional communication approaches.