I have had a speech impediment for as long as I can remember and had a couple speech therapists as a child then as a teenager. Throughout my twenties I forcefully pushed through life with my stammer struggling with it daily. When I was introduced to Nicky I was burnt out from work and personal stresses. Nicky was fantastic at firstly reducing my symptoms from burn out, then addressing my speech impediment. She used a wide range of holistic methods to help me improve my speech.
Together we delved into the psychological implications my speech was having on me; a lot of this I hadn’t been aware of before. Previous speech therapists had only focused on the psychical methods such as shape of mouth, breathing and repetition. I am immensely thankful that Nicky shone a light on the psychological effects as it has allowed me to understand my thoughts, reactions to other people plus reduce my self doubt and anxiety held about my speech.
Nicky was always calm in her approach and a pleasure to have therapy with. Each exercise we did to improve my speech was done in manageable chunks we would do together then I could practice in my own time. Since having therapy with Nicky I do not harbour any of the worries or anxiety I previously held and my speech has significantly improved.
Stammering (Gareth)