What is voice therapy?


Voice therapy is treatment for a voice disorder.  We will explore what has predisposed you or your child to a voice problem, what precipitated it and what is maintaining it.

Before therapy begins, you should ensure that the voice box (larynx) is examined by an ENT doctor.  Once you have a diagnosis, therapy can begin!

Therapy may involve making changes to your life style, such as what you eat and drink, how much you rest.   Your voice  is often a reflection of stresses or pressures in your life.  Therapy can address anything that is out of balance that may be affecting your voice. You will have the opportunity to tell your ‘story’ and together we will find a way to bring balance to your life and voice.

Direct voice therapy may  involve making adjustments to the way you use your voice: – how you use your breath, the muscles in and around the larynx and other muscles in your jaw, tongue, face and head and neck.  You may also need to adjust your posture.   You will find a way to practise these exercises between sessions in a meaningful and easy-to-do way, so that you quickly start to notice a difference to the way your voice sounds and feels.

By the end of your first session, you will have had the opportunity to tell your ‘voice story’, assessed the voice, filled out some questionnaires, tried out some voice therapy exercises and identified what you want to work towards in simple, manageable steps.

Some people require surgery to manage the voice condition, or need to take medication to help the health of the larynx.  If you require surgery you will learn what to do before and after surgery to help your way to vocal recovery.


Please get in touch for more information or advice.


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